How to find Performing Arts Scholarships and Opportunities at American Colleges

An international students guide to finding opportunities and scholarships in America!

What’s in the Ebook? 

The infamous US College Scholarship. It is highly sought after by thousands of aspiring students and student performing artists from around the world every year, and yet there are very few resources out there that put everything that you need to know and prepare for in one place. Not anymore!  

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Full Chapter List

  • Chapter 1: Deciding on a Pathway
  • Chapter 2: What is your Proposed Annual Budget?
  • Chapter 3: Deciding on a Destination
  • Chapter 4: Understanding the US Academic System
  • Chapter 5: Understanding how to mix performing arts into your study abroad experience
  • Chapter 6: How to Get Noticed by performing arts programs in the US
  • Chapter 7: Targeting and Contacting Appropriate Institutions in the USA
  • Chapter 8: Locking in Offers from Colleges/Universities
  • Chapter 9: Applying to Colleges/Universities in the US
  • Chapter 10: Applying for and F-1 Student VISA for the United States
  • Chapter 11: Organizing Travel to the United States
  • Chapter 12: Organizing Student Health Insurance for the United States